4 thés pour 4 vertus

4 teas for 4 virtues

Nowadays, we no longer need to boast the benefits of tea. Between new scientific research and new sophrology techniques, we keep recommending the consumption of teas of all kinds. Through this article, we will make you discover 4 teas known for their virtues and which, however we do not consume enough for some. Black tea, oolong, purple or yellow, all have distinct virtues that make its hot drinks, real remedies against diseases. In the selection of our teas, we have watched over that they all have different flavors so that your taste buds can necessarily find their way!

How to use a voyage of tea?

As a large consumer of hot drinks, you are very interested in the positive effect that tea can have on the body. But before you are advolving a little more about the subject, it is important to find out about the harmful effects that tea can cause in general, information that for the most part, we do not know enough. At first, it should be remembered that black tea should never be drunk during your breakfast, your lunch or in the evening during your meal. The reason for no longer accusing this practice is that in the long run of tea during your snack is likely to stop the good absorption of iron in your body. In addition, this practice leads to the opposite effect of tea by causing digestion problems instead of stimulating ingestion. We must also pay attention to the tea contained in tea, indeed it causes dependence, then, in this case it is better to limit your tea consumption to 1 to 4 cups per day.

4 teas for 4 virtues

Let's move on to serious things, after recalling the main harmful effects that tea could cause, you can now discover the virtues and benefits of these 4 teas confer.

Black tea, remedy against cardiovascular problems

Let's start with the black tea, his malted taste due to fermentation and high oxidation of the leaves make him one of the most powerful beverages by the nutrition he brings. Rich in Théaflavine and Théarubigine, these polyphenols are real protections against a panel of diseases such as cardiovascular disorders. Beyond this incredible ability to treat diseases such as high blood pressure, it is quite usable for more daily discomfort like colic. Indeed, its curative effect allows better healing of intestinal disorders.

Oolong tea The anti-aging drinking

Another tea with interesting virtues: the Oolong tea. Behind his soft and flowery taste, he hides very useful benefits in daily life. Filled with antioxidants of all kinds, it effectively fights against aging. Another equally interesting virtue, it includes a component called “Théanine” which would strongly help to relax during periods of stress.

Guaranteed weight loss with yellow tea

Rich in antioxidant, the yellow tea Figure to be an excellent disaltering, it is also very effective, especially in the elimination of bad cholesterol in the blood. Therefore, if you want to start weight loss, it is very advantageous to reach the yellow tea In your daily life, it will act as a real fat burner.

Our practical advice

After these theoretical explanations, here are some practical tips so that you can carry out the preparation of your tea! Indeed, if you really want to take advantage of the many of the virtues that tea is conferred, you will have to prepare it. Because as we treat it more in depth in our article, The art of managing the bitterness of his tea? It is very important not to make some very frequent mistakes!

Typically, the infusion time you teach your tea is truly essential. This differs according to the tea sheets you use, but as a rule, you should infuse your tea for 5 minutes to a temperature ranging from 60 to 95 degrees maximum. Second remark, it is best to bring certain accessories which will always be useful for the proper conservation of your tea. For example, using an airtight box will help you hunt light and humidity, an element that could seriously affect the quality of your tea. Finally, here is a simple gesture that will perfectly change the flavors of your tea, we are obviously talking about your consumption habits! Because you should not deny that if you want to taste excellence, you must favor the artisanal purchase for industrial purchase. IMARA is fully part of this approach by selecting the best tea and infusions for small producers in East Africa for you.


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