Le Maître Fromager Antony et Imara Tea réinventent les accords thés-fromages

The cheese master Antony and Imara Tea reinvent the Thés-Fromages agreements

Have you ever wondered if your favorite cheese would not make the ideal ally of your tea? Cheese turns out to be a very interesting element, indeed once granted to tea, the two proved to form a unprecedented taste combination! However, we could ask the question of how should you go about it? Comté, raclette or morbier, there is a diversity of cheeses, what tea should we combine with which cheeses? Well, this is the challenge that two key players in crafts have launched, Eric, co -founder of Imara Tea, a young tea producer from Africa and Jean François Antony, son of Bernard Antony founder of the Maison Antony., Master refineeur and founder of the Antony cheese dairy. A most original collaboration that will promise you to discover terroirs and know-how!

A non -harmless agreement.

A shared artisanal passion that hides an ambitious goal! Propose gourmets fond of teas and cheeses a new taste code around two ingredients which at first glance seem so different! And for that, we offer you an assortment of unique agreements, merging finesse and roundness of the imara tea and the wide aromatic palette of refined cheeses and developed by the Antony house! Nevertheless, know that we have in no way chosen these two elements. It is obvious that we have not built these agreements harmlessly! This is to ask us for reflection and creativity. Even if the wine remains, in fact, the most used beverage with cheese accompaniment, know that it is far from the only possible agreement. Indeed, it must be aware, that tea is a distant cousin of wine, in fact from an exclusive plant containing a variety of grape varieties, it has this particularity which allows the hot drink to bring out a wide palette of Aromas. It is therefore easier with such varieties of tones to make various agreements with a product as complex as cheese. As for the cheese, the methods of affination devoted to it, allow it to enhance some considerably revealing the flavors of the teas and infusions Imara.

Tea and cheese, a long story!

You know, behind each innovative idea hides know-how! This is what the Antony cheese dairy and the Imara tea house have been proving to us today who collaborated for, that you as a tea consumer, you can decline your hot drink in several ways. The construction of sumptuous and atypical agreements! Let yourself be overwhelmed by these rich flavors developed with love by our two enthusiasts of gastronomy! Since you then presage very well that when two actors so important in the world of the fine gastronomy collaborate, they can only build the most sought -after flavors! Through these chords, we wanted to touch all types of consumers, from soft to intense cheese and honeyed tea in wood. The idea was that everyone could navigate! For cheeses with floral and vegetable notes like the Charolais and the Buche de Gers, yellow tea will bring lightness and finesse! As for rather fruity cheeses such as the county, the raclette or the Saint Marcelin, the teas with sweet honeyed notes like oolong tea will sublimate these notes. Finally, for floral cheeses like tomme and ossau, black tea by its finesse and roundness, will help to reveal in a divine way the aromatic palette of your cheese for maximum pleasure! Cheese known for these lactic tones, Chabichou will go perfectly with the infusion at the Hibiscus, which with its fruity and acidulous notes will develop the exotic flavors of the latter. Let's finish with a tea recognized for its rarity and subtlety, we are talking about purple tea, its combination with the morbier was almost obvious. The finesse and lightness of purple tea will intensify the fruity and delicate notes of our Jura morbian.

Our cheese agreements, teas.

To your cheeses! Here is exclusively the tea-boots made by us! Comté, Charolais or the very famous raclette, we have voluntarily chosen a diversity of cheeses.

We wish you an excellent tasting with family or friends!


Oolong raclette and tea

Let's start with the star of winter cheeses, the raclette! Very consumed during winter periods and during the Christmas holidays, once in the palate, it has this soft and melting taste. A comforting cheese with vegetable notes that will go perfectly with the plant character of the Oolong tea Imara who will magnify him.

Charolais and yellow tea

The Charolais with his herbaceous notes, him, will agree wonderfully at yellow tea, its fermentation will bring finesse and lightness, always with this suspicion of floral notes.

Ossau and black tea

Let's travel to the southwest of France, to the Basque countries where the Ossau, cheese with spring notes, it is with the black tea that it is fully associated, black tea, thanks to its finesse, will allow you to taste the cheese by enjoying its aromatic palette as much as possible.

Saint Marcelin and Oolong tea

As for the Saint Marcelin, it is for Oolong You have to opt, it will gently strengthen the fruity and honeyed notes of cheese.

The Chabichou and the Infusion at the Hibiscus


Having lactic notes, the Chabichou Poitevin and undoubtedly the perfect ally of The infusion at the hibiscus, a hot drink that will strengthen the exotic notes of cheese, a good way to escape!

County and Oolong tea

As for the county of vintage it is good to consume it with the Oolong tea which will counterbalance the honeyed, sweet and the salted taste of the county.

Morbier and purple tea

The fine and light morbier on the palate, once granted to purple tea, will make you feel fruity notes.

Tomme de Savoie and black tea

Tomme de Savoie, a real color chart, will really agree with the black tea which has the impressive ability not to produce bitterness.

Gers log and yellow tea

Finally, the Gers log associated with yellow tea will enhance your taste buds with its fresh and vegetable appearance.


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