Découvrez le concept unique du laboratoire créatif Mazette !

Discover the unique concept of the Mazette creative laboratory!

Have you ever dreamed of succule your Imara tea and all by practicing your favorite artistic activities? Well, know that it is quite possible at Mazette, the very first creative laboratory in Paris! A friendly space using creativity and imagination! A space open to everyone, whether in the company of your children, during a team building or in the presence of your pet. What we want above all, via this collaboration Imara Tea and Mazette is to make you discover simple pleasures, manual activities and conviviality!

With Mazette, leave for your imagination!

Do you want to give free rein to your imagination? It is with the Mazette laboratory it happens, here it is not 2 or 3 workshops that are at your disposal, but 20 self-service artistic activities Who are waiting for you! Whether you are rather connected to textile art, graphic art or creative art, there is something for all art lovers! But that is not the only added value! Know that once welcomed in our warm workshops, you will have all the necessary equipment, cutting tables, easels or sewing machine, you will have no need to bring your equipment, practical so as not to clutter! As for raw materials, you have two possibilities, brought back your products or more simply directly, you get what you need in our boon! A shop in the basement where you will undoubtedly find your happiness! Other information that will reassure you, for sure, know that throughout the activity, the Mazette team filled with benevolence and pedagogy will be present to advise you and you help in case of difficulties or practical questions. Because what is essential for the creative laboratory, from there because you have a good time is that you can get out of courses, workshops or events having the feeling of having learned.

Alone or accompanied, Mazette organizes your events!

And what could be better than creating with your family, your colleagues or in the company of your four -legged friend? This is precisely what Mazette allows you that leaves you all the possibility of being accompanied, an excellent way of experimenting with your artistic fiber while enjoying your loved ones around a good tea. At the same time, the prices offered are completely adaptive depending on if you are a regular, with the possibility of opting for a monthly subscription or if you choose to get there occasionally. But there are not the only services offered, it is quite possible to organize your events at Mazette! At the key, service catering bringing together the entire IMARA range, creative animation, a fully equipped space of 200 m² just for your events! A la carte, a wide choice of events can be organized. For example, as an employer, you offer a team building to your employees, why don't you swap your Bowling and Lazer Quest events for a slightly more unusual team building! It is true that we often neglect manual activities, however, they are a great way to work on team cohesion, without forgetting the friendly and warm side offered by the Mazette workshop. Another possible event, you want to take private group lessons. For this, the Mazette team takes care of everything, traveling to your premises, the courses offered are varied, from seam to modeling through calligraphy, you will find what suits you! Finally, if you plan to celebrate your birthday or your young girl's funeral, Mazette will welcome you with open arms with several of her partners to guarantee you a moment as unforgettable as originally!

Behind Mazette hides a real conviction!

But you know, behind each creation of new concepts, there is a goal! Being able to spread your creativity, your good humor without worrying about the equipment you have or your level, that's what Juliette, the founder of Mazette, wanted to offer, the art lovers of art! Mazette wanting to signify a little skillful person with his hands, an expression which is now ironically used to designate admiration.

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