Épices et aromates : Rehausser les saveurs de votre thé !

Spices and aromatics: enhance the flavors of your tea!

Change your routine!

Large tea lover, you can no longer support the routine. Indeed, you have this habit of drinking your raw beverage without necessarily paying attention to certain foods that you abandon, but which however, once associated with your favorite tea, will reveal new flavors to him. But then how do you go about it? Simply adding character to your morning tea! Do you want to add new flavors, new grades to your tea? Know that it is easier than you pretend! Cinnamon, ginger or milk after consulting this article, in addition to making your body benefit many benefits, you will no longer be confronted with routine.

Strong or subtle, decline the flavors of your tea

There are several ways to enhance the flavor of your tea. Strong or subtle after consulting this article, you can change your taste habits and, as you wish! If, for example, you want to drink a tea with subtle notes, we fully advise you to marry your cinnamon stick to your favorite tea. However, we recommend, to counterbalance with the spicy notes of cinnamon, to associate it with a light and soft tea like the very known Oolong tea. On the other hand, if you are rather a lover of intense flavors, we strongly advise you to head towards more spicy and intense spices in the mouth like ginger! Indeed, you must know that ginger associated with honeyed teas like black tea is not only beneficial for health, but gives a very special taste. A taste that is both gentle and lemony, that's what will make your tea with irresistible ginger! If you appreciate milk and therefore you have preferences for latte teas, you will be delighted to know that tea goes perfectly with milk! Almond, soy, oat or coconut milk, you have carte blanche!

A combination of flavors depending on the seasons

Depending on the seasons, it is advisable to favor certain taste combinations. For example, during summer seasons, it is widely recommended to go to drinks that can drink both warm and cold. This is the case with theHibiscus infusion And purple tea that can drink in the form of icy tea. In addition, purple tea with thirsty properties, it will refresh you during the hot weather. Conversely, during winter periods, we advise you to head to dark teas like black tea. Little tip, if you want to add a spicy and sweet touch, know that the honeyed tones of Oolong tea go perfectly with cinnamon. In addition, in chilly time, cinnamon is a great way to warm up, having the ability to promote blood circulation, it will enhance your Noëlle festivals.

Spices and tea, a remedy.

Through the many benefits it emanates, tea keeps being consumed around the world. A tea certainly consumed, but which at times can lack fantasy. So if you want to change the flavors of your tea, get into the habit of adding your tea with the spices of your choice. Not only will this change your routine, but you can only make profits. It is true that the combination of spices and tea will give you amazing medicinal properties! Ginger is one of them, once infused in tea it will guarantee you vitamins and nutrients, what to start the day! In addition, between meals, it acts as a real hunger and facilitates digestion, therefore, it will considerably facilitate your weight loss. But that is not the only advantage of this spice, because as many know, ginger is a powerful remedy. By stimulating the immune system, it acts against nausea, colds or even sore throat. Another interesting spice, cinnamon! We no longer present it to you, in addition to sublimate the flavor of your tea with its pungent sweet tones, it also allows you to add added value from a dietetic point of view. Containing relaxing properties, consuming cinnamon is a good way to fight stress, it can also be very useful for fighting insomnia and night anxiety attacks.

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