Laissez-vous submerger par la finesse et la subtilité du thé jaune

Let yourself be overwhelmed by the finesse and subtlety of yellow tea

Yellow tea, a drink with subtlety and invaluable rarity. A product which, apart from a few tea producing countries, is not cultivated, which makes it one of the teas most coveted by Western countries. Characterized by its yellowish color and its finesse, beyond its unique flavor, it is indeed one of the most powerful medicinal means that it exists. From his undeniable benefits, he fights against bad cholesterol, reduces digestive disorders and acts on certain psychic diseases such as depression. From his time of fermentation through the details of productions and then to his benefits in the face of this tea with such a singular taste, you will no longer be able to resist the idea of ​​savoring it!

The benefits countless Imara yellow tea.

the yellow tea As we had quoted previously is of flawless rarity and especially in Western countries. But at the end of its simply unique flavor, it also has a richness that characterizes it, it is simply its benefits that will allow you to fight against many diseases and complications. For example, if you are subject to cardiovascular risks, or simply subject to headaches, know that yellow tea is an excellent analgesic which will allow you, if you consume it regularly, to overcome this type of problem. Another concern that you meet frequently, you have trouble staying awake or even to concentrate as a rule, know, yellow tea is a very good alternative to coffee. Indeed, yellow tea holds the ability to stimulate the nervous system without bringing certain complications. Where coffee, of course, perhaps a powerful exciting, it can still bring harmful effects to the body. You could for example undergo regular insomnia, if you consume coffee, in too large quantities. Did you know that yellow tea due to its nutritional values, extremely rich in minerals, fluorine and zinc, helps to prevent cavities considerably and therefore fight against dental infections. In addition, note that after infusion, yellow tea deploys a high polyphenol content, composing with strong antioxidant properties, component which makes it possible to fight a lot of widespread diseases such as colds. Another always useful information, namely, after very serious studies, we discovered that yellow tea leaves contained 30 percent of flavonoids, which proves even more the fact that yellow tea is very good antioxidant. Finally, if you are looking for a way of effectively fighting against premature aging of the skin, yellow tea containing many vitamins and starchs, it will allow you to improve the quality of the tissues of your skin.

Production that requires patient and rigor.

To obtain a yellow tea made in the rules of the art, the buds are picked. During its production, green tea undergoes a slight fermentation. Even if yellow tea has a few points in common with green tea, yellow tea is still finer and synonymous with quality. As for the exact manufacturing processes, the yellow tea leaves are soaked in a steam bath, which makes it possible to stop natural oxidation, to then be covered so as to reabsorb their humidity, which leads to this light fermentation. It was only at the beginning of the Vernal equinox, that is to say during the spring periods that we start the harvest of the buds. Note that the harvest of yellow tea is only done once a year. A production condition, which marks the value of this exceptional tea even more and so much the very small quantity that can be produced. The very small amount of tea content of yellow tea is explained, by the roasting of buds. Indeed, during the roasting stage, the buds are faced with a temperature of up to 300 degrees, which naturally decreases the tea content of tea.

Tips to properly prepare your yellow tea.

Finally, here are some tips to carry out the preparation of your yellow tea. First, you should know that your yellow tea should be infused at a temperature of 85 degrees for a period of five minutes. Attention ! The taste varies considerably depending on the quality of the tea you get. But don't worry about this anymore since Imara offers you the best of yellow tea With its Kasimba collection that you will make you discover the unique taste qualities of yellow tea.

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