Le thé violet : La perle rare du Kenya

Violet tea: the rare pearl of Kenya

A purple color so atypical, intense aromas and extraordinary medicinal properties. You have undoubtedly guessed it, we will deal with today the subject of purple tea more than a wealth, it is the real rare pearl of Kenya! A tea that has only surprises in store for you, between these multiple aromas and its rarity, we will help you demystify the secrets of a unique and high -end tea. To the details of its production, to the progress of its history and finally to the surprising virtues it reserves to you, purple tea will now have no secrets for you.

Imara, the best of purple tea

Designed in 2021, Imara went through several stages to guarantee you the best of purple tea. So, you can imagine that behind each production, and research, hides a story that is that of Imara, more than a simple company to produce teas, we are truly passionate about our trades. In the volcanic valleys with a great African rift, discover places of shipping production. Coming from the Camellia sinensis tea tree, a massive and white flower tree. Purple tea as we know it mainly comes from mutations which are naturally created and which, thus, quite naturally influence the color and aroma of purple tea. Having chosen to cultivate in Kenya, it is the quality of our land that we have preserved. Indeed, the fertile land of East Africa allowed us to produce exceptional teas bringing out the whole taste potential of purple tea. But our strategic location is not our only strong point since having inherited the techniques and know-how of peoples Kikuyus, Kisii and Kalenjin

A unique production

As for production, as we had stated previously, we cultivate our plantations in the lands of Kenya. But then why did you choose this location to produce our purple tea? Land fertility is not the only richness that Kenya contains. Indeed, Kenya being close to the equator, the climate of East Africa seems to be ideal for the growth of the Camellia sinensis. At an altitude of more than 2000 meters above sea level, towards the mountainous areas of Mount Kenya, the climatic conditions are ideal there. A climate combining heat and humidity, a perfect atmosphere to grow a large amount of plantations. This is where our main capital gain comes, unlike other companies, we are fortunate to be able to produce in large quantities, and this, always by retaining excellent quality in order to guarantee you the best possible experience.

Surprising benefits

Purple tea hides many benefits that confer, in people who consume it, precious energy sources. Here is a part of the virtues that will surely be useful to you. Whether you are during illness, or want to adopt a better diet, purple tea will be there to meet your needs. First interesting point, it allows you to control the level of blood sugar, it is therefore suitable for people with diseases such as hypertension or diabetes. Another significant point, thanks to the tea contained in purple tea, it allows us to act on body mass. As a result, if you use it daily, it can really allow you to lose weight and, in longevity! Other frequent problems in French people, skin problems due to imperfections or simply because of the damage brought by aging. You will be happy to learn that purple tea has antioxidant faculties acting on the uniformity of your complexion, but not only! Indeed, it is well known that tea in general to anti-aging faculties and this is even more the case for purple tea. Thus, as it is composed of phenols, it will naturally act on your wrinkles, your old age spots or even more generally your imperfections.

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