Les vertus surprenantes du thé Oolong !

The surprising virtues of Oolong tea!

It reduces cardiovascular disease, helps keep a good lifestyle, accelerates metabolism, and yet we strongly neglect its consumption. Black, green or purple tea, all have different virtues, still considerably unknown to tea consumers. However, among all its unique flavors, an orange -color tea stands out for the benefits it brings, Oolong tea! Very little known in Europe, at the end of this article, you will discover a tea filled with wealth and stories. So let us transport you to a trip through Mount Kenya, known for its spectacular landscapes!

Discover the richness of Oolong tea!

It is in Kenya that small local producers cultivate these flower leaves with a flowery taste which, once infused, gives this taste of lightness and sweetness with oolong tea! Cultivated in Kenya, the plant benefits from the riches of these lands. Indeed, at Mount Kenya, volcanic minerals spring, a resource that adds many capital gains to tea such as the ability to relieve muscles and the reduction of strong emotions like stress and anger. And as at Imara, we favor quality to quantity, we guarantee you artisanal working methods in the manufacture of our products! As for tea production, we have to go through several phases. Key steps that give tea as qualitative as ours! Here are the steps

  • First, we proceed to the traditional picking of tea leaves
  • Then, we start the withering which consists in drying the tea leaves in the open air for several hours.
  • Then we go to the oxidation stage, a key step that will really come to give the final taste of tea.
  • Finally, make way for roasting that will increase the conservation time and add new smoked flavors, caramelized with oolong tea.

More than tea, a real remedy

As we had previously announced, Oolong tea has multiple unsuspected virtues. Enriched with polyphenols, it protects from cardiovascular disease, it is therefore strongly advised to consume it if you encounter glycemic diseases like diabetes. In addition, if you are looking for natural anti-aging, Oolong tea is perfect for this use, in fact, it contains many antioxidants allowing a reduction in the appearance of old age. It should also be noted that it has particularly interesting properties that act on your brain capacities, known as amino acid, it is contained in tea and helps concentration, but also to calm anxiety.

But let's not forget the essential, one of the main benefits of Oolong tea, it stimulates metabolism in an impressive way. Thanks to a powerful antioxidant called "catechins" once consumed, it reduces the amount of lipids present in the diet, therefore it will make you lose weight, very quickly if you install it in your routine. In addition to improving your health, it solidifies your bones and your teeth by acting on your bone density, consequently, it will naturally limit the risk that you make a fracture. As you can see, Oolong tea hides countless virtues that make it very interesting from a nutritious point of view.

How to accompany your Oolong tea?

You don't know how to accompany your Oolong tea? Here are some tips for making your taste experience more pleasant! To start, tea in general, whatever the type, goes particularly well with honey which will naturally add a very appreciable sweet and fruity touch.

If you are rather a salty lover, we advise you to go on starters like the famous toast with foie gras which goes perfectly with the wooded taste of Oolong tea. Finally, if you are fond of strong cheeses, you will be surprised to discover that goat cheese and Oolong tea form an ideal melee, a balance between the intensity of goat cheese and the sweetness of Oolong tea will make you vibrate!

Immerse your taste buds towards soft and wooded flavors!

From now on, Oolong tea has no secrets for you! From history to the benefits of tea, we hope that this article has captured you! If you are interested in the theme of high -end teas, consult our latest article: "In the morning, the day or in the evening, for what tea to opt?". Do not hesitate to take advantage of our discovery offer and receive a free tot-bag now with the image of Imara!

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