Opter pour Imara, c’est soutenir les petits producteurs

Opt for Imara is supporting small producers

In a world where economic and social issues are increasingly important, you have only one wish, changed your consumption habits. Support a business in accordance with your values. You are fond of tea. But you no longer want to buy tea products by manufacturers? Do you want to opt for quality tea and a brand that has a responsible production process? So, you have not yet met Imara the tea house turned towards Africa.


A tea house with ethical values

IMARA is an ethical tea house, helping small local producers! At Imara, we honor the craftsmen. An ambition and a desire much more respectful of the environment and our convictions. Especially since traditional manufacturing methods are largely felt. By choosing craftsmanship, we offer much more tasty entire leaves capable of transmitting emotions. This is also why we are not defining our teas as “gourmet” hot drinks but rather like “gourmet” teas. It was in Kenya that we decided to start our adventure! More specifically at Mont Kenya, the second highest peak in Africa! We work directly with small producers from East Africa. We have no intermediaries in no way, which allows us to offer you the best of African tea. For this, we have also explored the multiple actors of Kenya, without forgetting the countries around Kenya such as Uganda. It was from the summer of 2020 that our human -sized team was born that was filled with enrichments. By wearing a link with our cooperatives and our partners. Proximity to producers who allows us to get closer to customer needs as much as possible and to offer them exceptions.


 Favor a sustainable economy for all



A tea brand is good, but a tea house that wants to anchor permanently. This precept is a compass in our daily activities and which changes radically with what was done and this still. Since as we know, the standard of major brands is highlighting the quantity at the expense of quality. And all this using means of production not only harmful to the environment, but also very little pleasant for the lives of employees. But that is not the only problem that arises. Indeed, the impact of this production is not without consequences. The fact is that producers have reversed their priority by choosing to produce in large quantities without paying attention to the quality of teas.


Kenya's gold know-how

Gold know-how is what our local producers offer us. Thought leaves first cultivated and then harvested using a process that requires rigor, patient: the Orthodox method. A method that is done only by hand to guarantee tea sheets with the best possible quality. However, these master's degrees are still confidential. To go to the end of our principles, in addition to guaranteeing teas with unpublished flavors, we also wanted to focus on a more ethical production. Ethical production, but also a manufacture that is carried out in compliance with ancient practices. This know-how is largely the richness of Imara which highlights rites that remain confidential and very rare. Our commitment, we have also translated by the manufacture of our packaging and packaging which are also entirely manufactured in Kenya. Again an opportunity to help regional businesses. And as we wanted to innovate, especially in our tea proposals, we wanted to make the choice of unpublished. Yellow tea or the coveted purple tea, we wanted to offer you exceptional teas that come out of the usual. As of now, you know the funds of our ethical productions. The fruit of collaborative work, which united the small producers of the Mont Kenya region.


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