Voyagez au Kenya avec le thé violet Imara

Travel to Kenya with purple tea IMARA

Kenya contains many riches, between its national parks, its natural reserves, without forgetting the countless volcanoes hiding there. Kenya is simply one richest country as it is through the natural resources it contains and its spectacular landscapes. In addition, Imara wanted to honor Kenya with her collection Kasimba Fine and delicious that makes discover African tea otherwise. In this collection, a tea is particularly carried out by its purple color, both end in the mouth and intense, purple tea. Violet tea remains an exceptional drink that is not common to buy, indeed, purple tea is extremely rare. It is through this need that Imara wanted to bring back his expertise from tea, without forgetting her committed values.

Responsible production

As you know, Imara's ambition, is to be able to represent through our teas the African continent filled with wealth and surprises! This is why by choosing our tea house, you choose the quality for a simple reason: we are the first tea house to distribute the purple tea in Europe. We have sufficient experience to be able to offer you the best of African tea. Purple tea being part. It is a tea with exceptional and unique flavors which, at present, remains for obvious reasons still confidential. It is very common for teas to be produced using artificial aromas. A production method which influences the quality of the tea leaves and which will alter the flavors as well as the virtues brought by tea. As we have noted previously, Imara is certainly the production of qualitative teas filled with flavors and finesse, but it is also the concept of manufacturing responsibility that was important to us. Indeed, we produce 100 % tea from African agriculture, a way of supporting local producers. A guarantee of authenticity that goes from the production of our leaves to the making of our packaging. This is what makes a purple tea as tasty is doing with respect for the environment.


Qualitative manufacturing conditions

Violet tea comes from the rare mutation of camellia sinensis var. Assamica, which provides purple tea, these special flavors. Indeed, this rare mutation, strongly influences the characteristics of purple tea, in particular on its color with purple reflections, but also on the aromas of tea. As for the climatic conditions, it is by crossing the equator that you will see all the sunshine that Kenya offers, a combination between heat and humidity. Ideal climatic conditions for making a product as exceptional as purple tea. A manufacturing process which requires rigor and patient, it is also towards volcanic valleys that this happens to the great African rift. Beyond the fertile lands that Kenya gives us, Imara by calling on small local producers inherits the know-how of peoples Kikuyus, Kisii and Kalenjin, an ancestral know-how which is still circumscribed. Another added value that remains rare in the tea sector, our production rate. Indeed, we are fortunate to have a rich production compared to the ideal climatic conditions of Kenya. This condition then allows us to be able to produce in very large quantities, and this, always by guaranteeing the most qualitative taste experience possible.


Violet tea, simply spectacular virtues!

The benefits conferred by purple tea are considerable, for some, they are even surprising! In the interesting virtues that bring it, we first have its ability to treat everyday diseases. Whether in the case of a cold, headache or sinusitis, purple tea will become your essential during periods of disease. Another more than surprising point, did you know that purple tea could have an impact on your blood sugar level? No, you are not dreaming, purple tea has real positive effects, especially on people with diseases such as hypertension. You want to lose weight, but permanently, it is not a secret for anyone, tea in general thanks to these many antioxidants and its tea, it is a real grain burn. Therefore, it may be wise to use purple tea as an appetite suppressant or just to stabilize its weight loss. Finally, antioxidants contained in purple tea can considerably influence the quality of your skin.


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